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BMZ Group Ramps up Production of Li-Ion Batteries for Medical Technology

The global li-ion battery manufacturer BMZ Group is converting its production to accelerate its focus on Li-ion batteries for a wide variety of medical applications. In some cases, the requested volumes by customers producing ventilators in particular have risen by 50%.

The company delivers products ranging from batteries for power tools to storage units for interim storage of CO2-free energy production such as photovoltaic systems, to batteries for industrial e-mobility.

Regarding the current situation, founder and CEO Sven Bauer comments: “We are all going through an unplanned stress test at the moment. Each of us is affected by the coronavirus, and we can see its consequences everywhere we look. We have all taken precautionary measures, and we discuss the situation in a daily Skype call, while gathering information first-hand from our international subsidiaries. For us, heath protection is paramount. That is why we didn’t hesitate for a moment when we received a distressed call from manufacturers of urgently needed ventilators. We are in the fortunate situation of having access to an extensive inventory, allowing us to increase the number of batteries we produce for use in medical technology. BMZ immediately assembled a team to ramp up production. We’re not leaving anyone behind!”


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