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Next Generation Energy Storage: CBI Requests Research Bids to Improve Lead Battery Performance

The Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) is requesting research bids from companies, institutions and universities that seek improvements in lead battery performance for energy storage systems.

By 2022, the cycle life of lead batteries for energy storage applications should increase by five times, according to CBI’s technical innovation roadmap that launched last year. Founded in the growing demand for flexible and cleaner energy sources, the pre-competitive lead battery research Consortium wants to broaden the focus of technical improvement by not relying on only one technology, e.g. lithium based batteries.

Dr Matthew Raiford, manager of CBI’s technical program, said: “Innovation is the lifeblood of our industry and each year we push the boundaries of research in lead battery technology. We’ve made great progress in the last 12 months with our rolling research program so we’re opening up the opportunity for universities, companies and other research institutes to submit proposals for a new wave of research projects. We know that demand for battery supported energy storage is growing exponentially and innovation in our technology needs to keep pace with this growth.”


Source: Consortium for Battery Innovation |
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