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Shell Ultrafast EV Charging Service to Incorporate Alfen Energy Storage

Dutch electric energy provider Alfen will provide energy storage solutions for ultrafast electric vehicle charging services by energy company Shell.

The 350kWh battery-based system will be used for ‘peak-shaving’, providing additional power for EV-charging without further pressure on the grid in periods of general peak electricity demand. In times of low demand for charging, the energy storage system will also be used to offer grid stability services.

In addition to optimizing vehicle charging while limiting grid impact, the project also aims to develop further understanding about the role for energy storage in a ultrafast charging environment, offering potential for future rollout of the solution.

Luitzen Kaspersma, Future Fuels Project Manager Benelux and France Shell Retail said: “Electric mobility is important for helping to meet the growing need for transport in a more sustainable world. Accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles requires an efficient and reliable charging network where customers can rapidly charge their cars any time of the day, even during peak hours. We are confident that energy storage helps to achieve that.”

Yves Vercammen, Sales Manager at Alfen adds: “We have been selected as the supplier of substations and grid connection services at Shell Recharge ultrafast charging locations across the Netherlands and are extremely proud to be extending that work with this project. We believe the integration of energy storage at EV fast-charging stations is important for ensuring grid stability while offering EV drivers optimal charging services and we are delighted to be able to help demonstrate that.” 



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