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Eaton’s EnergyAware Solution Wins BusinessGreen Future City Technology Award

Eaton’s EnergyAware Solution, an energy safeguard solution for power anomalies has won the 2019 BusinessGreen Technology Award in the Future City Technology of the Year category. The UPS system, in development since 2016 enables data centers to contribute to renewable energy and generate revenues from the necessary investments.

Renewable energy supply is harder to predict and somewhat volatile. Energy storage solutions and data centers support providers by providing a flexible power reserve. The generated and stored energy can be fed into the grid to support and safeguard grid balance during potentially damaging power anomalies. Instead of just demanding power, data centers can support the grid and be compensated for it. System operators have an additional source for fast response, helping to tackle challenges created by the higher penetration of renewable energy sources while further reducing dependency on fossil sources.

In the UK alone, Eaton has a UPS install base of over 360 MVA capable of performing grid support.

 “We’re delighted the EnergyAware Solution has been recognized for its contribution to powering cities of the future. Eaton identified this issue a number of years’ ago and have been working ever since to create innovative energy storage technologies that help power smarter, cleaner cities by increasing the amount of renewables on the grid through providing much needed stability, whilst still providing a commercial benefit.”

Eaton has won the BusinessGreen Future City Technology of the Year Award for the second year in a row and was awarded for the work on the largest European energy storage system using second-life and new electric vehicle batteries in a commercial building in Amsterdam.



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