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ABB Microgrid and Battery Energy Storage Systems Provide Innovative Solutions in the U.S.

ABB, a provider for technological solutions for utilities, industry, transportation and infrastructure, is supplying Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) in the U.S. with their battery energy storage system (BESS), in response to economic growth, increased demand and the aging power grid infrastructure.

The U.S. faces power supply difficulties with an aging power grid coupled with increasing demand. Necessary upgrades range from pole replacements to new lines for distribution of electricity and a system capacity increase.

In Baltimore, utility forecasts showed an increase in peak demand that would cause the equipment to exceed its thermal capacity. ABB proposed a BEESS solution that would be quick and cost-efficient to deploy to react to periods of increased peak demand and ensure power reliability.

Port of Los Angeles will install an ABB microgrid with flywheel energy storage later this year in a container terminal to supply two high-powered cranes. The lack of voltage support had limited the usability of the cranes. The two flywheels of ABB’s PowerStore will provide high-intensity power for very short bursts of time when required. Additionally to the existing cranes, the microgrid system supports four new high-powered cranes at the same terminal.   

 “ABB can offer alternative solutions to power grid infrastructure challenges with microgrids and energy storage solutions across an array of applications including peak shaving, capacity firming, uninterrupted power supply and spinning reserve,” said Massimo Danieli, Head of ABB’s Grid Automation business unit, a part of the company’s Power Grids division. “The optimized systems enable fast response times to bridge variations in demand and supply, helping to maintain grid stability and ensuring reliable and high-quality energy supply to support the creation of a stronger, smarter and greener grid.”



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