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Valmet Automotive Invests Millions in German Battery Test Site

The Valmet Automotive Group counts itself among the world's largest automotive manufacturers. According to its own statement, electric mobility and battery systems are particularly important in the strategic development of the company. In line with this orientation, an investment of around seven million euros has now been announced for the construction of a new battery test center in the German city of Bad Friedrichshall. With this step, the company will on the one hand promote the possibilities of battery testing for its own production, but will also expand its range of offerings as a service provider, as Managing Director Dr. Robert Hentschel emphasized: “We appear on the market as a development partner for companies in the automotive industry. With our new Test Center we are expanding in the Industry much-needed test capacities for batteries and battery systems of electric vehicles."

The test center should be fully operational as early as 2020. The rapid completion of the center will be possible due to a new construction method, which will be implemented in cooperation with testbed specialist AVL. This is based on a container construction method in which parts are manufactured and prepared in the Austrian city of Graz before being taken to their final location in Bad Friedrichshall. In the final phase, four test rooms, covering a total area of 1,500 square meters, will be built, in which batteries can be tested for environmental compatibility, function and safety.

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