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Alpiq Reduces CO2 Emissions from Swiss Festivals with Lithium-ion Battery Containers

The leading Swiss electricity producer and energy service provider Alpiq Holding AG launched its application of energy storage containers at the Openair Frauenfeld festival, which started on 11 July, after its successful pilot implementation at a prior festival on 4 July. The lithium-ion battery system ‘Green Battery’ works with certified renewable hydropower.

Open air events require a lot of power for event technology, lighting or catering infrastructure. The power supply accounts for around 65% of the total carbon footprint of such an event.

Organizers of festivals, concerts or street food markets, as well as TV productions, camping facilities or emergency lighting systems rely on a mobile power supply, as there is rarely a fixed connection with sufficient power available. Battery containers – if required also usable as hybrid versions – can replace diesel generators entirely.

Set-up- and fixed costs are comparable to diesel systems, but the saving of operating costs, next to the the environmental aspect, offer a huge advantage. With the use of regular diesel generators an event format like Openair Frauenfeld requires several hundred liters of diesel per day. At the moment Alpiq is the first provider of such an offer in Switzerland – in many other countries, the advantages of energy storage systems at open air events have already been recognized, and event organizers are progressively rethinking their energy supply concepts.

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Image Source: Alpiq

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