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After 30 Years Azov Sea Icebreakers Receive New Saft Batteries

Battery manufacturer Saft equipped Russian icebreakers in the Azov Sea with batteries 30 years ago. For the first time these now need to be replaced. The follow-up order for Saft was placed by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosmorport.

In a current press release, Saft proudly proclaims that their batteries have delivered reliable service over such a long period of time and emphasizes that the longevity of the batteries is on the one hand due to their "tough industrial construction", and on the other hand to the professional and good care by the icebreaker crews.

Batteries are necessary for the icebreakers to provide critical engine starting and emergency power. Especially in the harsh natural weather conditions of the ice sea, where temperatures can drop below -30°C, the reliability of batteries on board of the ships is of enormous importance.

The new-generation Saft nickel technology batteries include SPH models to deliver cranking power for diesel engine starting, as well as SBM batteries to provide backup power for communication, navigation and emergency lighting systems.


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