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Skeleton Technologies and Epic Power Working Together to Reduce Elevator Power Consumption

Skeleton Technologies specializes in graphene-based energy storage solutions and ultracapacitors. The company has now announced a strategic partnership with Epic Power, a Spanish company, to achieve power savings of up to 50% on elevator systems. Energy storage is expected to play a central role in this project.

Skeleton Technologies offers its KERS system to store excess energy from elevator runs. The system is suitable both for installations in newly built elevators and for integration into existing ones. Some of the KERS systems are already in operation in public, residential, and commercial buildings. In the event of a power failure, these systems can guarantee emergency travel, especially if they are additionally connected to a PV system.

"There are around 640,000 passenger elevators and 110,000 freight elevators in use in Germany today. Even with cautious estimates, hundreds of millions of elevator trips take place every day – an enormous energy requirement that should be supported by modern storage systems", Taavi Madiberk, the CEO of Skeleton Technologies, explained.


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