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The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Issues Guidelines for Battery Testing Processes

The Indian Ministry for New and Renewable Energies (MNRE) has drawn up test guidelines in order to uphold the Indian battery quality standards.These testing guidelines are to comply with the “Quality Control Order on SPV Systems, Devices and Components Goods 2017”, which came into effecti in January 2018. It  includes SPV modules, inverters  and batteries. MNRE aims to improve the quality and safety of renewable energy products in India.

In the test procedure, batteries are divided into different categories depending on their characteristics. Grouping by category for testing is a good move by the MNRE. Grouping had become an issue with testing inverters where labs had no clarity on this issue, and testing of individual models became cumbersome, expensive and delayed. In addition, the manufacturers must provide information on the material of the containers, the used separator, the type of batteries and their external dimensions for testing.


Source: The Ministry for New and Renewable Energies  |
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