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Orange & Rockland Select Key Capture Energy to Install their New Battery Storage Project in Pomona

Orange & Rockland have selected Key Capture Energy, the Albanian energy storage development company, to install and manage their project in Pomona, California.

“New technologies give us new options,” said O&R Vice President – Operations Francis W. Peverly. “Using those options, we can build a more resilient energy system while minimizing future costs to our customers. Working with third-party developers, we are incorporating world-class solutions to meet the local needs of our energy system and our communities.”

The battery storage project is part of Orange & Rockland's Pomona Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) and is designed to provide reliable customer service and further reduce emissions from power plants. The initiative was born out of a desire to reduce costs, introduce a new technology and make operations more resilient and sustainable. The state of New York has set itself the goal of installing at least 1,500 MW of battery storage in the state by 2025. The initiative of Orange & Rockland is a contribution towards this target.


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