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Audi Tests the Application of Used Lithium-ion Batteries in Fork-lift Trucks

By Audi

Due to the legal obligation of automobile manufacturers to take back discharged batteries, Audi is now testing the use of discarded batteries in its own fork-lift trucks and other factory vehicles. The remaining energy from the discarded batteries is thus to be used internal and minimises the previously time-consuming process of charging and replacing lead-acid batteries in production machines.

"Every lithium-ion battery represents high energy consumption and valuable resources that must be used in the best possible way," says Peter Kössler, Member of the Board of Management for Production and Logistics at AUDI AG. "For us, a sustainable electromobility strategy also includes a sensible second-use concept for the energy sources.

A further advantage that emerged during testing with the lithium batteries is that the driving characteristics of the machines improve. The speed on rising ground is more constant than with the lead-acid reservoirs previously used. The project team has been working for two years on the method of installing used battery modules. After initial tests have been successful, they are now being tested in everyday life.

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