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Ingeteam’s Hybrid Inverter Is Now Compatible with Pylontech’s HV Batteries

Ingeteam, an international group specialized in power and control electronics as well as electrical engineering and automation projects, has partnered with Pylontech, a vertically integrated provider of technologies for energy storage systems, to create a hybrid system that combines PV power generation with energy storage without any additional PV inverters.

At the respective RnD laboratories, the companies tested and certified the compatibility of Ingeteam’s hybrid inverters with Pylontech’s HV batteries. The 3 or 6 kW single-phase transformerless Ingeteam inverter allows for the connection of a PV array and a battery bank to the same unit and has been designed for both residential and business installations. The lithium-ion batteries by Pylontech cover a voltage range from 90 to 315 V with a capacity from 7 to 24.5 kWh.

The combination of the two makes it possible to store the power generated with PV with no need for an additional PV inverter. The system also offers the possibility to create stand-alone systems and to operate in self-consumption mode or back-up (UPS) mode. Energy generated by day can be stored for night-time consumption for the highest possible self-consumption ratio. Even in the case of a grid outage, power supply can be maintained.



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