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Vatican City Getting Ready for E-Mobility

Energy Intelligence provider Enel X has installed 12 of 20 planned charging stations for e-cars in Vatican City.

Alessio Torelli, Head of Enel X Italy, sees the installation of the stations in Vatican City as a step towards promoting e-mobility throughout Italy by setting an example. Enel X explains to be acting in accordance with the Italian government’s plan to develop the country's charging infrastructure in the long term and to implement 14,000 charging stations by 2020. According to Enel X, they are already working with car manufacturers, shopping centers and Italian municipalities to help realize this goal.

The contract for the implementation of the project in Vatican City was concluded with the Governorate of the Vatican City State. The 22 kW stations will be installed in public places in the Vatican and will enable the charging of two cars per station.


Source: Enel X |
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