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Exyte Opens High-Tech Dryroom in Shanghai

Industrial systems manufacturer Exyte is expanding its expertise in the field of energy storage and e-mobility, and preparing for the growth of these industries in the near future. With a new high-tech dryroom, Exyte now wants to test the individual elements of dryrooms under operating conditions in Shanghai, and thus offer more functional and cheaper products to customers from the battery industry.

The company already has patents pending in regards to “Advanced Dryroom Systems”. The know-how is now to be further expanded with the new location in Shanghai. On 12 July, the ceremonial inauguration of the plant took place, which Exyte Technology Manager Dr. Klaus Eberhardt commented as follows: “The operational kickoff for the dryroom laboratory marks an important milestone for Exyte’s battery business. We are working with many of the leading battery manufacturers, who have expressed strong interest in seeing the dryroom and discussing Exyte’s advanced solutions for their future battery factories.”

Source: Exyte AG |

Image Source: Exyte AG |

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