American Manganese Inc. and Kemetco Research Start Negotiations on Commercial Demonstration Recycling Plant for Lithium-Ion Battery Material

The American Manganese Inc. (AMY), a Canadian critical metals company with a focus on recycling lithium-ion batteries has started the negotiations with private sector integrated science, technology and innovation company, Kemetco Research. The topic of the collaboration is a Commercial Demonstration recycling plant for lithium-ion battery materials with a planned capacity of three tons annually.

AMY and Kemetco already partnered for the recovery of high-purity nickel-cobalt hydroxide from NCA cathode scrap material. Just recently, both companies announced successful testing of the patented RecycLiCoTM with scrap material from tier-one and tier-two lithium-ion battery companies, scoring purity levels of 99,977% and 99,98% respectively. 

Following these successful tests, Kemetco Research would begin the preliminary engineering design and economic analysis for the demonstration plant using the data points and optimization strategies from the pilot project.

“When we first engaged Kemetco, in 2016, to begin lab-scale research on a lithium-ion battery recycling technology, Norm Chow and his brilliant team of scientists weren’t just solving a problem on a lab-scale because they always considered the scalability of the process,” said Larry Reaugh, President and CEO of American Manganese. “We have always been aiming towards turning this technology into a profitable enterprise with a global clientele.”



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