600 KWh Marine Battery System to Be Installed On Board the Maersk Cape Town

In December 2019, the integrated container logistics company Maersk will be installing a containerized 600 kWh marine battery system in a trial on board a 249-meter long container vessel to improve the performance and reliability of the vessel while reducing CO2 emissions.

Even though the technical and economic viability of battery powered marine vessels is not a topic of the near future, containerized batteries on board the vessels can support and improve efficiency of electrical systems such as generators by reducing fuel consumption and maintenance requirements. The battery also ensures continuous power supply in case of power failures.

The batteries charge by capturing electrical energy from heat out of the exhaust gas system for the main propulsion. This special feature of many Maersk vessels is also included in the Singapore-flagged Maersk Cape Town, which will be the pilot vessel for the containerized battery system.

Manufactured in Denmark by Trident Maritime Systems, the battery system will be transported to Singapore this year and installed on board the vessel. The first full voyage between West Africa and East Asia will take place next year.  

“This exciting pilot – the first of its kind in the industry – will show the potential of battery technologies to keep improving the performance of our vessels while also reducing fuel consumption in our non-propulsion electrical systems,” reinforces Ole Graa, Maersk Head of Fleet Technology.


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