EDF Group Acquires British Energy Storage Developer Pivot Power

EDF Group, a French state-owned integrated electricity company announced the acquisition of the British energy storage and EV infrastructure developer Pivot Power. The company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of EDF Renewables.

Pivot Power’s mission is to develop and operate grid-scale batteries and provide the power infrastructure required for rapid and low-cost EV charging throughout the U.K. The first two storage projects are expected to be commissioned in 2020 in Kent and Oxford, with another 40 locations planned throughout the country. Each of the sites has the potential to host batteries with up to 50 MW export capabilities for hundreds of rapid EV chargers, suitable for large retail sites, logistics centers, P+R and others. Further plans include the installation of batteries connected directly to the high-voltage transmission system with a total capacity of up to 2 GW.

The acquisition is part of EDF’s Electric Storage Plan and Electric Mobility Plan with the goals of becoming Europe’s leading electric mobility company by 2022 and 10 GW of additional storage by 2035 with 600,000 electric vehicles powered by 75,000 charging points.

In line with U.K.’s goals to reach net zero by 2050, EDF Group, including Pivot Power contribute to the global efforts of reducing carbon emissions. Matt Allen, co-founder and CEO of Pivot Power comments: “Pivot Power’s purpose from the start has always been to accelerate the U.K.’s transition to a cost-effective, reliable, low-carbon energy system and in parallel fast-track the rapid adoption of clean transport. EDF Renewables shares our vision and of course brings the expertise, resources and platform to make this a reality.”


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