Progress in the Switch to Electric Vehicles in Australia

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is investing in projects to accelerate the revolutionary transformation of renewable energy in Australia. Currently they are supporting Evenergi, a company whose mission is to drive the migration of sustainable e-mobility. ARENA will donate $469,380 to Evenergi to enable the company to better implement its projects through electric vehicles (Evs).

Evenergi is launching an initiative for vehicle fleets, the Charge Together Fleets program, and a free online platform called -BetterFleet- to help fleet managers plan agreater economic and environmental efficiency. This platform greatly minimizes the time and cost required for fleet procurement decisions.

Next year, Evenergi is planning an online platform and a smartphone app that will enable private customers to easily find their ideal EV.  The company is also developing a planning tool for power utilities to better plan and control the future impact of EVs on the power grid.

“Taken together, Evenergi’s online platforms will help businesses, consumers, and electricity networks make informed decisions about switching to electric vehicles and managing the potential impact,” Evenergi CEO Dan Hilson said.


Source: ARENA |
Image: Pixabay |
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