First Attempts to Effectively Recycle Disassembled Lithium-Ion Batteries and Scrap Cathode Materials

American Manganese Inc. announced that its independent contract laboratory, Kemetco Research, has begun testing third-party lithium-ion battery materials. These third-party materials originate from Asia, North America and Europe. The disassembled lithium-ion batteries are at the end of their functional life and will pass all five stages of the patented lithium-ion battery recycling process RecycLiCo™ to achieve both a high recovery and purity of lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese in battery quality.

“We are extremely pleased with the development and testing of our lithium-ion battery recycling pilot plant project,” said Larry Reaugh, President and CEO of American Manganese. “We are in an excellent position to demonstrate our years of experience to potential tier-one partners in the lithium-ion battery industry.”

Kemecto Research is an independent science, technology and innovation company that, through its Contract Sciences division, focuses on laboratory analysis and testing, field work, benchmark studies, pilot plant testing, consulting services, and applied research and development for industry and government. Due to the company's various specializations, its expertise is an advantage over other laboratories. American Manganese Inc. is a metal company that focuses on the recycling of lithium-ion batteries using the appropriate process RecycLiCo™. They strive to produce cathode materials with minimal process steps from spent lithium-ion batteries.


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