Global Innovative Systems Partner to the Automotive Industry Starts Battery Production

Webasto, a worldwide system partner of the automotive industry, started the production of batteries for electric vehicles in Schierling (Germany). The company already produces battery packs at this location and plans to have its self-developed standard battery system for commercial vehicles manufactured there beginning in 2020. In addition to its core business areas of sliding-, panoramic- and convertible roof systems, as well as thermal systems for all drive types, the company has also been developing and producing charging solutions and battery systems since 2017.

 "We have successfully entered this market with our innovative future mobility products and the first buses with Webasto batteries will shortly take to the streets of major European cities. With the commencement of our in-house battery production activities we are opening a completely new chapter in our almost 120-year corporate history. This is a great team effort by our many expert colleagues, of which we can be very proud", emphasizes Dr. Holger Engelmann, Chairman of the Management Board of Webasto SE.

In the development and production of its battery systems, local expertise forms the basis. Based on its long-standing thermal management know-how and the installation of professional systems in vehicles, the company has succeeded in its new business field. The aim is to develop a forward-looking solution for the field of electric mobility.


Source: Webasto Group |
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