Zero-emissions Operations in Port of Grimaldi Group Cruises with Corvus Energy’s Mega Batteries

As the Italian multinational logistics Group Grimaldi Group and the Canadian leading supplier for energy storage solutions in the maritime industry, Corvus Energy,  announced on 4 July, two Ro-Pax cruise ferries have been equippedwith 5,5 MWh battery energy storage systems each. These installed Corvus Energy mega batteries enable the Grimaldi cruise ferries to operate diesel-free and solely on battery power for up to four hours during port stay.

The cooperation of the technical teams from both companies started with just one of the cruises, Cruise Barcelona, to evaluate the optimal electrical and mechanical integration of an energy storage system.  “When we work closely together with the shipowner to clearly understand their operational needs, we can give better advice on the optimal ESS solution”, Ronald Hansen, EVP Service & Aftermarket at Corvus Energy commented. With the assistance from the Grimaldi on-site team, this new project has been successfully completed on budget, time and spec.

“An ESS this massive had never before been retrofitted onboard a cruise ferry vessel. It’s clear now that if shipowners are willing to go green, the technology exists,” says Roger Rosvold, Senior Vice President Sales at Corvus Energy.

Source: Grimaldi Group |; Corvus Energy | 

Image Source: Grimaldi Group

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