Rolls-Royce and GETEC Extend Cooperation to Create Decentralized Energy Solutions

On 3 July British Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. and the German energy provider GETEC announced a more intensive collaboration on the design concept, construction and operation of decentralized energy solutions in Europe. The targets of the new agreement are the continuing joint development of the market, additional synergies and an improvement in the efficiency of the customers’ solution.

Both partners will jointly develop new solutions for the supply of energy to industrial companies, customers from the property sector and other areas that are tailored in each case to the specific need. Another part of the program will be the supply and operation of efficient and environmentally friendly decentralized energy systems, such as on- and off-grid microgrid solutions, in addition to further energy-related services and energy-efficient solutions in contracting.

"The successful and trusting collaboration we have enjoyed with GETEC in the course of the last few years has introduced us to deepen the relationship even further and together offer our customers sustainable energy solutions," said Andreas Görtz, Vice President Power Generation Business at Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

A good example is the successful commissioning of a new microgrid for the German automotive components supplier Winkelmann Powertrain Components GmbH. Two flywheel storage systems and one battery storage system are providing over 9 MW of electrical power and just under 10 MW of thermal output, which enables the industrial company to run their operations completely disconnected from the public grid.

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Image Source: G+E GETEC Holding GmbH

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