VARTA Consumer Batteries Becomes Part of VARTA AG

VARTA Consumer Batteries is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of portable consumer batteries. The company has now been acquired by battery manufacturer VARTA AG, which with this step wants to include portable batteries for private customers in its portfolio and reunite VARTA brands worldwide. VARTA Consumer Batteries also expects to benefit from the expansion of the product portfolio after the merger and expects their innovative strength and quality standards also to be strengthened.

Herbert Schein, CEO of VARTA AG stated: “With this transaction, we take advantage of a unique opportunity to bring together what belongs together. This acquisition enables us to again make extensive use of our premium brand name, which stands for technology and innovation leadership. In addition, VARTA Consumer Batteries’ attractive cash-flow profile will significantly contribute to the expansion of our fast-growing, highly profitable, lithium-ion production and can be used to finance further growth in the VARTA Consumer division. The growth strategy and the pace of expansion for lithium-ion batteries will remain unchanged and the VARTA Consumer Batteries area can also be further expanded.” 

VARTA Consumer Batteries claims to have established a strong standing in the European market over the past years and to have reached leading positions in various countries. So far their product portfolio consisted of batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers, portable power banks and lamps.


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