General Motors Sets Basis for Long-Term Orientation of the Company

GM expects the economic growth of 2019 to be similar to that of 2018, in addition to a forecast increase between USD 6.50 and 7.00 per share and also adjusted auto  free  cash flow  of  between  $4.5  billion  and  $6 billion. The positive forecast is based on a robust product range and the economy of adjacent businesses, as well as business transformation initiatives. The company will   also focus on efficiently  deploying capital to higher-return products and segments, creating   an   efficient cost structure and improving the cash flow.  

„We will continue to strengthen our core business and   invest   in   the   technologies   that   will transform the future of mobility. Managing both well  is  critical  to  position  General  Motors  for success for generations to come.”, said Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO from General Motors.

GM is also expected to benefit from the expansion of the EV segment. Cadillac is GM's leading electric vehicle brand and is entering the market with newly developed battery cells designed to offer customers maximum usability.

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