Australian Gold Mine Tests Lithium-ion Battery Storage Solution from Aggreko

The Granny Smith gold mine in Western Australia will be the first mine to implement the modular lithium-ion battery storage system “Y.Cube” from Aggreko, a provider of  energy storage solutions. The container-based system is scalable up to a multi-MW range and will be integrated into the mine as part of a hybrid island grid.

"Renewable energies are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Nevertheless, they are not yet as universally available as they need to be - and this despite the increasing global demand for energy" explains Dan Ibbetson, Managing Director Global Products and Technology at Aggreko. "Their flexibility allows batteries to provide safe and stable use of wind and solar energy - and they also increase the efficiency of thermal generators.”

In the case of Granny Smith, it is expected to work alongside an existing 21MW gas-fired reciprocating engine station to meet the increased daily power needs of the mine plus the nearby Wallaby underground mine, a processing plant, as well as several associated facilities.


Source: Aggreko |
Image Source: Pexels |

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