Exide Technologies Presents New Carbon Technology for Batteries

Exide Technologies, a supplier of energy storage products for the automotive and industrial sectors, has developed a new generation of its Carbon Boost technology.

By optimizing the carbon additives used, performance and charging capacity are increased. Improvements in lead sulphate deposits also lead to more efficient recharging.

The revised generation of batteries also takes the new EU regulations concerning homologation testing of vehicles into account. The charging process of the batteries therefore only accounts for 8 percent of the entire test cycle, compared to the discharge that takes place during the remaining time. This ensures that a high percentage of the initial state of charge is retained in order to prevent automobile manufacturers from incurring penalties if certain threshold values are exceeded.

Michael Geiger, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Exide Technologies, EMEA, confirmed: “Exide has always been at the forefront of battery innovation. The impact of Carbon Boost 2.0 extends well beyond original equipment. The benefits are equally delivered to our aftermarket customers through this unique technology, which is new to EFB and upgraded in our Premium range batteries.”


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