Partnership between SSEN and NEA Brings Flexible Energy Solutions to Communities

To help communities benefit from flexible energy solutions, the Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) have teamed up with the National Energy Action (NEA). The aim is to provide communities with access to power grid flexibility services in order to reduce costs and help reduce CO2 emissions. With energy-efficient LED lighting, battery storage and a fundamental rethinking concerning electricity consumption will lead to a change in behaviour.

Informed by innovation projects, SSEN has developed Social Constraint Managed Zones (SCMZ), which seek to provide an accessible and visible route for communities to engage and offer flexibility services. In addition to the exchange of information, there will also be workshops on the topic of "match-making" in order to adapt the needs of the communities to potential applications.

Andrew Roper, SSEN’s Distribution System Operations Director, said: “The transition to a flexible network is unlocking new and exciting opportunities, and traditional forms of energy network infrastructure are now competing with low-carbon, flexible solutions. SSEN is committed to being a neutral facilitator of these markets, and make the process as simple and easy to engage with for community groups.”


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