TenneT and Daimler Pilot Project Provides Information on the Stabilizing Effect of Automotive Battery Storage Systems for Large Power Plants

Transmission system operator TenneT and Daimler AG, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH, were able to demonstrate that automotive battery storage systems can take over the system-stabilizing function of large power plants, and thus contribute to the grid stabilization of the power grid, at the test laboratory in Kamenz. For the test, 2nd-life and replacement batteries with a connected load of approx 1 MW and a storage capacity of 750 kWh from automotive battery storage systems were used.

In the event of a complete power plant failure, diesel generators are currently being used to restart the plant. The experimental study shows that in the future this could also be done by automotive battery storage systems. And it is much more environmentally friendly than diesel generators.

In the next step of the development partnership, the project partners will jointly define the requirements that will enable TenneT to invite tenders for the future system service.


Source: Daimler AG |
Image Source: Pixabay |

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