CellCube and Immersa Enter Into Strategic Partnership

Canadian battery manufacturer CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc. is partnering with technology and environmental consulting firm Immersa Limited to bring large-format vanadium redox flow battery systems to the UK market. Over the past 3 years Immersa has developed and implemented major utility projects in the UK and Europe and sees a clear trend towards longer life batteries as energy consumers seek higher independence from the grid.

Rising peak loads offer good opportunities for the capacity market and the vanadium redox flow system with its extended performance guarantees, drastically extended battery life and near zero capacity reduction can prove its worth.

Alexander Schöenfeldt, Managing Director for CellCube, continued; “Having had a long relationship with Immersa we are delighted to be working with them as our strategic partner in the UK. We are already running multiple scenarios with a number of industrial and commercial users and are confident with the results.

Cellcube's strategy is the continuous improvement of the storage infrastructure and in future also focus on the British solar- and wind farms in order to plan the use of large-scale energy storage facilities.


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