Upside Group Expands Portfolio by 25 MWh

Solar power plant and battery storage system group of companies Upside Group has expanded its battery portfolio to 40 MV. The commissioning of the Bennewitz site in Germany, one of the largest lead-carbon energy storage facilities in Europe with a capacity of 25 MWh, will compensate for grid fluctuations. The fast reaction time of the batteries is optimal to protect the grid from too high frequencies and to store the excess energy temporarily.

 “Thanks to the use of battery-storage systems such as those in Bennewitz and Langenreichenbach, a failure of the electricity supply was prevented” said inverter supplier SMA which provided the system solution for the project.

The carbon cells for the system are supplied by Narada, which joined forces with the Upside Group in September 2018 to develop another carbon energy storage system in Germany. 

Source: Upside Group |
Image Source: Upside Group |

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