TATA Power, The AES Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation Inaugurate Largest Grid-Scale Energy Storage System in India

India's largest grid-scale battery-powered storage system was inaugurated today by Tata Power, AES Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation in Rohini, Delhi. The 10 MW storage system is located at the Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd. substation and is equipped with modern Advancion technology from Fluence, a storage technology provider.

“At Tata Power-DDL, we continually strive to integrate new technologies for strengthening our network to provide reliable and quality power supply to our consumers,” said Mr. Sanjay Banga, CEO of Tata Power-DDL. “This, India’s first grid scale battery based storage system, will address our key challenges in the areas of peak load management, system flexibility, frequency regulation and reliability of the network.”

The new battery storage system also plays an important role in the regional grid stability and is expected to reliably supply around 2 million consumers with electricity in the future. The fast production time of the new system is also a further advantage over the outdated pumped storage system. India has set itself the target of generating a total of 225 GW of energy with renewable systems by 2020. Solar and wind energy, which feed clean energy into the new storage system, contribute significantly to this vision.



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