Partnership of VCM Pty Ltd. and American Battery Metals Corporation: “Exciting Engagement”

In a statement discussing the Joint Venture of engineering, project management, procurement, and construction company VCM Pty Ltd. and advanced technology battery recycling and resource production company American Battery Metals Corporation, VCM’s Michael Vogel only finds optimistic words for their partner’s engagement. "We are highly enthusiastic to partner with American Battery Metals Corporation to fast track their leading-edge lithium-ion battery recycling facility in Nevada. This is more than a transactional project for us at VCM; we are especially motivated to advance American Battery Metals Corporation's sustainable recycling process that will reintroduce critical elements back into the battery manufacturing supply chain and provide an e-waste solution that will keep dramatic quantities of hazardous waste from entering global landfills."

VCM wants to improve lithium battery recovery technology, with ABMC’s unique solution provision for the supply chain of battery metals as important, complementing feature.

"VCM is a phenomenal partner for us. Not only is VCM Consulting part of the VCM Group of companies it is uniquely capable of helping us accelerate our Nevada lithium-ion recycling facility, but they are also in this with us for the long run, should we consider building additional plants in the United States and beyond,”, states ABMC’s CEO Doug Cole.


Source: VCM Pty Ltd. |
Image: American Battery Metals Corporation |
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