New Rail Battery Assembly Line for Chinese Plant from Saft

The battery maker Saft’s plant in Zhuhai, China, will start operation on 17 May with new assembly guidelines for MRX and MSX rail battery cells. The MSX batteries are used as emergency power systems in railway operations and as starters for diesel engines. The changes to the guidelines are the company's response to the growing demand for reliable and powerful on-board battery systems to support rail vehicle projects in Asia. Saft is thus focusing on strengthening its products in the Asian region. The adjustments at the Chinese plant will have a positive effect on delivery times for customers.

Hervé Amossé, Executive Vice President of Saft’s Transportation, Telecom & Grid (TTG) division, said: “The further development of railway networks is critical for Asia’s economic growth. Saft is supporting this with the expansion of our Zhuhai facilities to provide safe and reliable onboard batteries based on proven technology and tailored to suit the local market.”

In addition to 400 MSX battery systems for 130 new metro trains in Chengdu, Saft also supplied 220 batteries for the new metro lines in the Turkish capital Ankara.


Source: Saft  |
Image Source: Pixabay |

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