MRS Logistica Commissions Saft Batteries with the Production of On-Board Power Supply Systems

The Brazilian logistics company MRS Logistica is reacting to the government's decision to expand Brazil's existing rail freight traffic by investing in a new fleet, and also modernizing the existing broad-gauge locomotives. MRS Logistica is therefore placing a major order with Saft batteries for the supply of specialised SRX wiring systems. The new low-maintenance systems will be installed in diesel-electric locomotives and will ensure reliable engine starting.

 “Brazil’s rail industry is an important growth area for Saft and this major order represents a significant breakthrough in the locomotive sector,” said Milan Sima, General Manager for rail and mobility at Saft. “The track record demonstrated by our SRX battery systems in previous rail projects across the world was the key factor in winning this order for MRS Logistica.”

The Brazilian government intends to increase the capacity utilisation of rail freight traffic by 100 % over the next 4 years.


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