ION Energy Develops Battery Management Platform for Electric Vehicles and Grid-connected Storage Systems

The technology company ION Energy, which specializes in battery management and intelligent solutions, is launching a new platform for electric vehicles and grid-connected storage systems. With the newly developed management system "FS-XT", ION Energy offers a solution for the management of high-performance applications between 100 – 1000 V in the fields of electric vehicles, battery storage and military drones.

“Battery power is finding all sorts of applications from forklifts and cars to grid-scale energy storage systems. To be ahead of the curve of this acceleration in adoption of Li Ion batteries, we’ve launched the FS-XT, our battery management system for high power applications.”, said Akhil Aryan, CEO & Co-Founder from ION Energy.

The Indian automotive industry as well as a construction machinery manufacturer from Germany have already announced interest in ION’s high-voltage applications and pre-ordered systems. ION Energy's goal is to manage at least 1 GWh of batteries with their platform by 2020.


Source: ION Energy |
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