ION Energy Announces Successful Launch of French Battery Pack Manufacturer IBS

On October 31, ION Energy, pioneers of advanced battery management and intelligence systems for electric mobility and energy storage applications, announced the successful launch of IBS, a France based battery pack manufacturer that leverages ION’s technology.

IBS was founded with the objective of developing mobile storage products based on lithium-ion batteries. In partnership with Socomec, a leading manufacturer of power control, availability and safety equipment, IBS designed an electric truck as a mobile energy storage unit that is installed with 200 kVA and 300 kWh of energy to enable mobile charging for electric cars on-road and during events. 

ION Energy provides IBS with mature Battery Management Systems (BMS) which was tried and tested for high voltage applications, and Edison, ION’s analytics, diagnostics, and business intelligence software for remote monitoring and servicing, bug reporting, and reporting based on business intelligence data.

At the Charade Electric Festival “New Tech” in France, IBS showcased the first electric truck and has plans for rapid expansion, including a manufacturing unit in India in 2020/21 and the U.S. For the next three years, more than 90-150 megawatt of batteries are scheduled for deployment.

Commenting on the launch, Eric Boudot, President and CEO of IBS said: “We have had very strong relations with ION since the beginning and together we are continuously developing a lot of concepts to build the BMS and communication of the future. We offer not just battery but also service and Edison is the most advanced battery analytics platform as compared to what exists in the market currently. It is custom-built for tomorrow.”


Source: ION Energy |
Image: ION Energy |
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