EV-Charging Will Be Possible Via Voice Control of Google Assistant

SolarEdge, a U.S. provider of intelligent energy technology, and Google will work together to respond to the increased demand for intelligent energy solutions in the EV market. Since the latest update, the solar charger inverter for EV´s from SolarEdge can now be controlled via Google Asisstent voice call. The intelligent loudspeaker integration with the Google Assistant should make it easier for consumers to charge EVs and meet the demand for intelligent energy solutions.

“Smart homes have mainly been about convenience and interconnectivity, but the next step of the smart home is integrating smart energy management, such as EV charging," stated Lior Handelsman, SolarEdge’s Founder and VP of Marketing and Product Strategy. “By merging the simplicity of smart homes with the value of smart energy through this collaboration with Google, SolarEdge is leading the way in making the power of smart solar energy more accessible to more people”

In the future further commands are to be integrated into the Google system. For example, functions such as charging time, charging duration and charging status will be available.

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