Eguana Technologies and Class A Energy Solutions Announce Partnership to Deliver Home Batteries

The Australian solar manufacturer Class A Energy Solution and the Canadian battery storage company Eguana Technologies have joined forces to launch the Evolve Home Energy Storage System in Australia. Further Eguana Technology products will also be introduced to the Australian market in the future.

“Derek and the team at Class A Energy have been great to work with as we establish our operations in South Australia,” said Brent Harris, CTO of Eguana. “While the immediate interest is in offering the Evolve system under the Home Battery Scheme, we are looking forward to working with Class A to build out a complete range of solutions for their residential and commercial customers across Australia.” 

Class A Energy Solutions is now a registered and certified System Provider for the Eguana Evolve under the Home Battery Scheme. The full integrated residential energy storage system approved by the Clean Energy Council supports grid-connected solar self-consumption, time of use, and backup power with solar charging.


Source: Eguana Technologies |
Image Source: Pixabay |

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