Eaton Partners With Green Motion to Integrate EV Chargers in Buildings with Energy Storage

Eaton, a global power management company and Green Motion, a charging station manufacturer, joined forces for the integration of EV chargers in commercial buildings, residential housing and shopping malls.

Based on Bloomberg’s estimate that EV sales will reach 10 million by 2025, the partners address the strain the charging systems will put on electricity grids. If EV charging is not managed properly, only six EVs charging next to each other at peak times of general power demand may cause a brownout.

The solution is an intelligent EV charging system combined with energy storage solutions. The owners of a building will then be able to access power capacities required for the increased number of EVs without overburdening the grid.

Craig McDonnell, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Power Quality and Electronics and Emerging Markets Division, EMEA at Eaton said: “With a rising number of Electric Vehicles on the road, there is a critical need to have the right EV charging infrastructure in place and the right power capacity to support. Eaton is a 100-year power management company with technology leadership in power quality and electronics. With our award-winning energy storage technology, we enable building owners who want to install EV chargers with complete power solutions. Our collaboration with Green Motion gives us the opportunity to further meet the needs of our customers with a well-integrated EV charging and energy storage solution.”

Francois Randin, CEO, Green Motion said: “Since the very beginning more than ten years ago, Green Motion is a true visionary when it comes to charging electric cars; today, our collaboration with Eaton brings us one step further and enables to even better serve our customers giving them the opportunity to access the power capacity they need to install the EV charging infrastructure they want. Our combined intelligent EV charging and energy storage solution delivers real customer benefits whilst ensuring smarter and more sustainable energy management for the grid.”


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