Connected Energy Joins Forces with Boston Renewables to Bring Yorkshire’s Coletta & Tyson Greater Energy Performance

The cooperation between British battery manufacturer Connected Energy and Boston Renewables will enable the large European growers of ornamental plants, Coletta & Tyson, to achieve significant energy savings and become involved in the environmental service branch. The company invested heavily in renewable power and heat generation technologies in recent years, and commissioned Boston Renewables to install a 400 kWh solar PV system. The system is now being expanded by a 300 kW battery.

Coletta & Tyson confirmed that the containerized aspect of Connected Energy’s E-STOR system, which means there is a minimal land-take and ease of installation, was another significant factor in choosing Connected Energy’s technology.

The new storage system uses old Renault electric vehicle batteries and, through its participation in frequency equalisation, contributes significantly to the security of supply during periods of heavy use.

“We are delighted that this innovative project is underway. It offers a win-win scenario for all involved: it will enhance Coletta & Tyson’s ongoing commitment to renewable energy, open up additional revenue streams and provide the opportunity to engage in the circular economy.”, said Jason Cox, Head of UK Sales at Connected Energy´s.


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