Centrica Innovations Expands Smart Home Division and Invests in GreenCom Network

Founded in 2017, energy and services company Centrica Innovations is investing in two leading start-up companies to advance energy technology for private households. The plans to expand the range of storage systems include solar, battery and heat pump technologies.

Centrica Innovations is also investing in GreenCom Networks, which provides private energy management solutions. GreenCom Networks developed the Energy Internet of Things (iOT) platform, which enables customers to reduce their energy consumption and deliver surplus electricity to the grid at times of high demand.

Centrica Innovations is also investing in the spin-out company Mixergy of the Energy and Power Group of the University of Oxford, which can now further expand the growth of its intelligent hot water storage technology. The hot water storage system works in conjunction with IoT technology and is also designed to provide customers with greater transparency in regards to their consumption.

Sam Salisbury, Director of Centrica Innovations Labs, said: “These investments are an important step forward to a time when IoT-enabled technology in the home will operate as a single unit to ensure that energy is used in the most effective way.”


Source: Centrica Innovations |
Image Source: Centrica Innovations |

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