CellCube Storage Systems Sold Modular Energy Storage Systems to France

The public Canadian company CellCube Storage Systems Inc. announced the sale of a modular energy storage system (FB Modular) to a French green energy developer. The modules are based on vanadium flow batteries, have a long service life and balance current at peak times to guarantee a stable grid.

“In this future, Vanadium Redox Flow Battery based energy storage systems are estimated as the clear favorite due to the combination of the benefits of batteries together with longevity of a traditional power infrastructure component.”, states Stefan Schauss, President CellCube Energy Storage Systems Inc.

The modular system will be deployed in a large-scale solar park in the near of Montpellier, France. CellCube Storage Systems Inc. will also perform application tests and several grid balancing features.


Source: Cellcube Storage Systems Inc. |
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