BioSolar's Lithium-Ion Battery Prototype Goes into Production

The energy storage company BioSolar is launching the production of a lithium-ion battery prototype in a new high-density 2100 battery format. After the trial phase, the lithium-ion cells will be used in electric trains, consumer electronics and also in electric vehicles. The newly developed cell format is expected to have a positive effect on the overall performance thanks to a higher cell density. Automotive manufacturer Nikola and home technology company Milwaukee Tool are already working with the 21700 cell format.

“As we progress with the development of our commercial grade prototype batteries, it is essential for us to communicate the process to our partners, potential customers and shareholders,” said Dr. David Lee, CEO of BioSolar. “We anticipate our performance boosting technology will show enough progress in these prototypes to transition BioSolar from a technology development company into one with commercially viable technologies suitable for use in a number of high-growth industries.”

BioSolar began applying its performance boosting additive technology to the emerging category of silicon anode lithium-ion battery cells and hopes to attract the interest of battery producers and end users.


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