Spanish Solar Market on a Good Course

Compared to the previous year, Spain was able to increase the expansion of new PV systems with a capacity of 261.7 MW by 94%. Spain is therefore well on the way to mastering the challenges faced by the Spanish renewable energy industry in previous years. In addition to lower production costs and better conditions for the solar industry, this positive course is also due to last year's price cuts.

“Spain is one of the most exciting solar markets in Europe. Having removed the ‘sun tax’ and committed to switch entirely to solar and renewable electricity by 2050, Spain is set for a major solar surge.”, said Bruce Douglas, Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer of SolarPower Europe.

Spain wants to completely switch to solar and renewable energies by 2050 and is constantly working towards this goal. SolarPower Europe expects the total capacity to rise to 14.6 GW by the end of 2020, which will put Spain in the top 15 of the global solar markets. This positive development will also be the subject of the first Intersolar Summit Spain on 18 June 2019 in Barcelona. Current developments and perspectives including corporate sourcing will be discussed.

“Intersolar Summit Spain will be an ideal platform to explore the country’s vast solar potential, including corporate sourcing and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), one of the hottest trends where Spain is set for a huge take off in the coming years,” said Bruce Douglas.

SolarPower Europe and the Spanish solar power association UNEF are strategic partners of the Intersolar Summit Spain.

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