Gelion Technologies Pty Ltd Developed New Energy Platform

Gelion Technologies Pty Ltd, a spin-out company of the University of Sydney, Australia, plans to launch its newly developed platform, Gelion Endure, into the $70 billion global energy storage market. Instead of using lithium ion technology, Gelion Pty Ltd uses a zinc bromide mixture as a storage medium developed under the expertise of Professor Maschmeyer in catalytic chemistry. Zinc bromide chemistry completely consumes the entire capacity of the battery and works safely even without active cooling.

“I’m honoured to be launching Gelion Endure here as our first commercial endeavour. During the next year, the University will be incorporating Gelion battery cells on campus to power mobile light towers to improve safety after dark, helping to build the foundation for a more sustainable campus.

The newly developed method is particularly interesting for storage systems that are difficult to access, because the self-regeneration mechanism of the electrode surface means that on-site maintenance is no longer necessary. With the new battery technology, Gelion Technologies Pty Ltd has developed a cost-reducing and, above all, durable energy speaker solution. Thomas Maschmeyer won the 2018 Eureka Award for Leadership in Innovation and Science.

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