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"Green energy needs a green battery" | INTERVIEW with BlueSky Energy

BlueSky Energy is an energy storage solution provider and system integrator founded in 2014. Since then,  BlueSky Energy has specialized in the development and production of stationary power storage units for private and commercial applications. The company is headquartered in Vöcklamarkt, Austria, and has subsidiaries in Belgium and the USA. The company currently sells its storage solutions to 22 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Their signature GREENROCK products are storage solutions and accessories for the safe and environmentally friendly saltwater battery.


ees International: BlueSky Energy has a very interesting energy storage technology using Glauber’s salt and water. What are benefits compared to electrical energy storage using for example lithium-ion or lead batteries?  

Saltwater batteries are a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to other technologies. The battery cell is non-explosive and non-flammable. Thanks to the chemistry of the battery cell and it’s non-toxic ingredients, there is no risk of thermal runaway. We compared different battery technologies available in the market (see figure 1). GREENROCK batteries have significant advantages in safety, environmental sustainability and discharge depth.

ees International: What is the ideal application for saltwater batteries?

Our batteries are designed for long-term and constant supply of power. Such as it is the goal with optimizing self-consumption. The clients want to use their own PV-power during the night. We offer residential and industrial storage solutions from 5 to 270 kWh. There is not the one and only battery technology for every used case. Our advantage is the safe technology which people appreciate for installations in their living and working areas.

ees International:  With all these benefits, does the saltwater battery have the potential of replacing the lithium-ion battery?

Yes absolutely, but only for specific applications. Our energy density is still a weak point, as GREENROCK batteries are double the size compared to lithium-ion cells, therefore GREENROCK batteries are not suitable for applications where space is limited. C-Rate for saltwater batteries is at about 0,2. Charge and discharge times exclude this technology for applications where high power is needed within short terms.

ees International: You recently announced that you want to tenfold production capacity. That is a massive expansion! You also want to relocate your manufacturing site from Asia to Europe. What lead you to this decision?

During the last year we were happy to see increased demand for our safe and environmentally friendly saltwater batteries. Production capacity in Asia is currently limited. Plus, we are facing transport time for shipping for minimum 8 weeks. That makes it hard to act with short term notice to increasing demand with the consequence of long delivery times. Already in fall 2019 we started planning for a local production in order to make sure of higher capacities and shorter delivery terms. The corona-situation further confirmed us in our doing. With a local production we increase the added value for the region. We make sure that goods are produced where they are needed and we have short ways of acting in changes in demand or production.

ees International: Germany and Austria are the two candidate countries for the production site. What are the main criteria for your decision for the final location? Will you be building an entirely new facility?

We are renting a place. For us it is important to use the budget of 5 million euro for machinery, assembly line, measuring instruments and work force instead of putting money into construction of a new building. By June we are ready to decide after an evaluation of the different possibilities. Some of the criteria to consider are location, facility, logistics, man power, taxes and subsidies.

ees International: The new site will require an investment of 5 million euro. The major part is covered, but you have a special scheme for 1.5 million euro that offers individuals to participate and benefit from your company’s success. How does that work?

Those are preference stocks, which we offer to investors, who believe green energy is the future and enabling them to participate in our business development. Starting with an investment amount of 1.000,- Euro, investors are able to sign up for those stocks directly from BlueSky Energy.

ees International: What is your vision for BlueSky Energy and the saltwater battery?

Our vision is that saltwater batteries are the cleanest, safest and most affordable battery technology for stationary storage. Green energy needs a green battery.

Thank you very much for the interview, Dr. Thomas Krausse!


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BlueSky Energy


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