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Tesvolt: Digitalization is the key

Tesvolt specializes in commercial and industrial battery storage systems. The innovative company from Wittenberg produces lithium storage systems with prismatic battery cells from Samsung SDI, based on nickel manganese cobalt oxide. Tesvolt storage systems are always a good match, for high or low voltage, on- or off-grid. They can be used with any regenerative energy source or with combined heat and power units or fuel cells.
Tesvolt produces its commercial storage system solutions in series in Wittenberg, Germany, at Europe’s first gigafactory for commercial battery storage systems, and delivers them all over the world. The company has already completed over 1,200 storage projects worldwide.

Tesvolt has won accolades including the German Entrepreneur Award for Rising Stars. The company also received The smarter E Award in the Outstanding Projects category as well as the international Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) Award for a project supplying off-grid energy to an avocado farm in southwest Australia.


ees International: Thank you very much for this interview! This is supposed to be the year of energy storage and e-vehicles as main transportation means are increasingly a real scenario. Energy storage is a vital aspect of largescale e-mobility. Tesvolt is supplying Europes largest charging park “Seed & Greet” at Kreuz Hilden junction with energy storage containers. What are important aspects and criteria for energy storage solutions for charging parks?

Of course, it is particularly important that a charging park’s storage systems can be quickly charged and discharged at any time. Currently, only a very few storage products on the market are capable of this.

The important thing is that a storage system can keep pace as required – remember, e-mobility is only just beginning. So energy storage systems must be easily expandable. But many storage solutions can be expanded for only about six months, after which time the difference in the condition of the old and new cells is too great. With our intelligent battery control that keeps an overview of the condition of each individual cell, Tesvolt storage systems can be expanded at any time. They can also easily keep pace with charging requirements.


ees International: Tesvolt set itself apart from two other shortlisted commercial energy storage manufacturers. What makes the Tesvolt containers so suitable for this project? 

The operator of the “Seed & Greet” charging station decided on Tesvolt because its TPS flex storage container offers plenty of power in a comparatively small space, and it is one of the few containers on the market that meet the operator’s high technical requirements. Developed by our engineers, our intelligent battery storage control ensures optimal charging and discharging of the cells, along with an impressive expected service life of about 30 years.


ees International: With EVs replacing combustion motors and parking lots full of EVs that need to be charged, what will the future hold, what is your vision when it comes to the scale of charging parks and energy storage solutions? What will it take to realize this vision?

Our vision is a worldwide intelligent, decentralized and completely digitalized power supply for e-mobility. Digitalization lies at the heart of this infrastructure, with a mix of storage technologies – battery, power-to-X, hydropower – depending on local conditions. 


ees International: Looking at the current situation with the pandemic outbreak of the corona virus. How do you think will it impact the further establishment of green energy and energy storage? 

The pandemic has shown us how quickly digitalization can be implemented. Many of us found it difficult to imagine online meetings, for instance. But now, just a few weeks into the pandemic, they are a fixture in many companies. I believe that coronavirus has rapidly and sustainably digitalized the world.

And in many cities the pandemic has brought back clear vistas after decades of air pollution. After corona, we have a unique opportunity to establish clean technology throughout the world for the common good and bring business into the new century with innovation premiums, rather than resuscitating it with scrap premiums for cars and their pollution.


ees International: What are the next steps for Tesvolt? 

We are continuing with our digitalization strategy. We have successfully shifted our production, order processing and sales processes to the cloud where our customers can access them, and thus are no longer customers – but are part of Tesvolt.



Authors: Simon Schandert & Daniel Hannemann, Directors & Founders | Tesvolt

Image: Tesvolt |



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