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Mix of Mechanical and Thermal Energy Storage Seen as Best Bet to Enable More Wind and Solar Power

A combination of new mechanical and thermal technologies could provide us with enough energy storage to enable deep renewable adoption, says US secretary of energy and Nobel laureate in physics, Steven Chu.


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Puerto Rico Selects New Grid Manager, Prompting Concerns

A new joint venture out of Canada and the mainland U.S. will manage and operate Puerto Rico’s grid.


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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Electric Vehicle Fast Charging

Fast charging of EVs still poses a challenge for the wider deployment. Individual analysis of different battery types may help developing universal fast charging technologies.


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How Industrial Consumers Can Reduce Their Electricity Costs With Battery Energy Storage Systems

The integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems is one opportunity after active load management to ensure a future-oriented economic production.


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Batteries: Powering the Fight Against Climate Change

Why investment in battery manufacturing and storage technologies is critical to limiting global warming to 2°C.