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Revolutionizing Lithium Battery Recycling

As a bachelor student, Olivier Groux first developed a non-chemical battery recycling process using water. Earlier this month, his idea was implemented as in-house recycling faciltiy at Switzerland based manufacturer KYBURZ.


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Battery Revolution: Circular Battery Economy is Within Reach

Only an insignificant share of lithium-ion batteries worldwide is recycled at the moment, despite the finite resources for raw materials such as cobalt. The German green start-up Circunomics wants to tackle these challenges with a cloud-based IOT-platform for the Circular Battery Economy.


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EV Charging Architecture 2.0

Sometimes you get so used to everyday problems and limitations that you just accept them as a given, without looking for a solution. The current EV Charging architecture is a good example of this.


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New Room-Temperature Liquid-Metal Battery Could Be the Path to Powering the Future

Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin have built a new type of battery that combines the many benefits of existing options while eliminating their key shortcomings and saving energy.


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10 Ways BIM is Improving Renewable Energy Efficiency

Building information modeling (BIM) is a new form of technology that helps the construction industry with planning and management. As renewable energy grows as a primary focus for buildings, BIM offers a key way to enforce that sustainability.